Jacques Malschaert versus Corona 1-0

Corona a new player on the market, trying to make friends and tries to find its roll.
This is what we talked about when we last met, 10 of March, Corona is a joke and will never get a hold of us.
12 days later you are hospitalised, extremely sick. Welcome to the face of your newest victim and our dear friend.

If this is the disease to fear, then this is the face to answer it. You might feel very very sick right now, but your face speaks a 1000 words, this disease can be beaten.
I would like to share a message from every chess player on earth: if you know you can win, you can WIN!
You told me you are starting to feel better, which I’m very grateful of. What I am also grateful for are the faces of the warriors from the medical centre that make this possible.

I ‘d like to end this short article with a poem, chosen by our brave warrior. THINK OF THE FUTURE!!!!